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New Horizons invests in your future.


We want you to continue to learn and grow in your role. Our Caregiver Excellence program supports our commitment to ensuring you have the resources that you need to thrive.

The Caregiver Excellence Program pays for you to take outside courses that grow your skills at New Horizons. We provide three ways to further your education:

Each Caregiver at New Horizons can receive Education Reimbursements of up to $500 in a calendar year for course certifications, seminars, and specialized training. You can find a list of pre-approved courses in the Knowledge Library or you can submit a course approval request.

We award up to 10 fully-paid CNA1 certification scholarships a year. These scholarships are determined based on applications that are submitted in the Spring and they cover the cost of the CNA certification program and required books and software.

We offer one $15,000 Education Grant each year to a New Horizons caregiver who has decided to take the next big step in home care. The grant is determined by application in the Spring.

Are you looking to further your education and want to learn more about the Caregiver Excellence Program? Head over to the Knowledge Library in Workplace to read more and see the list of pre-approved courses.

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