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Caregiver Connection

Recognizing everyday successes.


We know how hard you work each day and the effort you continuously put into your work. That’s why we created the Caregiver Badge program, to highlight and recognize your accomplishments.

There are many different ways that you can earn a badge—from hitting full-time work hours, to celebrating a work anniversary or completing a continuing education course. Once you earn a badge, you will be notified and the badge will show up on your Workplace profile—where you can proudly display your accomplishments!

Earn badges and earn rewards

Not only do you earn badges, but you also earn real prizes too. After you earn one badge you receive a New Horizons swag bag. Keep collecting badges and you can make your way to winning an Alexa Show, AirPods, or a new TV!

Want to learn more about how exactly you can earn these badges and what badges there are? Head over to the Knowledge Library in Workplace to get all the details.

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