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Our care doesn’t start and stop with your caregiver’s schedule.


At New Horizons we take care of you even when we aren’t there with easy remote monitoring of your blood pressure, pulse, weight, and breathing to better manage chronic conditions.

Remote Patient Monitoring is an amazing way to help keep you safe, healthy, and at home. The monitoring kits are easy to use and send your vital signs in real-time to your New Horizons Care Team. If we notice a change in your vital signs that puts you at risk for a fall or other health event, we will be alerted and can intervene before it happens. And, if you’re a Medicare member, you may be eligible to receive this benefit for free!

Watch as Ali Dean, our Chief Care Officer, describes how Remote Patient Monitoring works to see if it’s right for you. (link for video here)

Call us at 1-877-NH-CARES to see if you qualify for free Remote Patient Monitoring or to receive more information about how Remote Patient Monitoring can help keep you healthy and safe at home.

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