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Living independently and with dignity is a goal that most of us strive for as we grow into our older years. Here are a few of our favorite tips on how to help maintain your independence and relationships:

Stay Active

Staying active is crucial in maintaining independence as we age. Striving to find some time to get movement each day helps to improve and maintain balance and stability, helping you stay healthy and safe. Whether you’re walking or doing balance and stability exercises in your home (link to blog on balance exercises), find some time to get some movement in each of your days.

Medical Alert System

If you live alone, help may not always be there. Having a device that is able to call for help when you need it can help you live with peace of mind. New Horizons offers Voice Activated Medical Alert smart speakers, giving you direct connection to the world’s largest emergency dispatch center with the added benefit of all the perks of Alexa.

On-Demand Transportation Service

Being able to get where you need to go without worrying is a huge part of keeping your independence. It can be hard to feel like you’re maintaining your independence when you can no longer drive or no longer feel comfortable doing so. Did you know that we offer transportation services? Whether you have to get to key medical appointments, need to run an errand, or want to visit friends, we help you get there.

Call us at 1-877-NH-CARES to learn more about the services we offer to keep you living life to the fullest.

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