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Family room connects you, your caregivers, and your family.


It can be hard to stay involved in the care of a loved one if you live out of town or simply have a busy schedule. New Horizons uses Family Room, a secure online portal that ensures everyone involved in the client’s care is informed and on the same page.

Family Room is an easy and straightforward platform to use. You can track medical appointments and caregiver shifts. Get clarity about medications or doses. Or leave special requests for caregivers and get updates from every shift.

No matter where you are, you can log onto the Family Room and see your loved one’s schedule for the day. Easily edit or add events and reminders. Or read notes left by the caregiver from the previous visit. Using Family Room makes it possible for family members around the world to monitor and participate in a client’s care.

Want to learn more about Family Room? Read more on our website here or call us at 1-877-NH-CARES today!

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