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Falls are the number one cause of emergency room visits among seniors aged 65 and up. Preventing falls in your home can help you stay safe and remain at home as we age in place. Here are a few tips on how you can prevent falls in your home.

Keep a Clean Environment

Keeping the house tidy and clear of clutter is an easy way to remove tripping hazards and prevent falls. Take time to pick up around the house, ensuring that there are no items laying on the floor, especially in high traffic areas. Also taking care to ensure that carpets are laying flat and cords are tucked away.

Install Assistive Devices

High risk spots for a fall tend to be on the stairs or in the bathroom. Installing assistance bars can drastically reduce the risk of falling. These alterations can be relatively simple and affordable to install—such as hand rails in the bathroom, stair railings, and raised toilet seats with assistance bars.

Good Lighting

Having adequate lighting throughout your home can help make it easier to see and therefore easier to navigate. It’s easy to stumble when the lighting is dim. Consider installing night lights throughout the house, especially in the bathrooms and hallways.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly helps to maintain your balance and coordination. Find some time each day to get some movement, even having a daily walk can drastically improve your fitness level and decrease your chances of falling.

Every person and every home is a bit different. If you want specific tips personalized for your home? Call us today at 1-877-NH-Cares to set up a safety assessment.

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