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New Horizons is a special place.


New Horizons is a special place. Our Caregivers are the heartbeat of the company and our support for one another is unwavering. We take care of each other so that we can take care of you.

For over 30 years we have been dedicated to our Caregivers, Clients, their families, and our staff. We provide care in a moment’s notice, we answer the phone at 2am and we support each other every step of the way. New Horizons focuses on comprehensive, individualized care for people’s overall well-being, not just their conditions.

At New Horizons we interview our care teams carefully and select them for more than their top-notch experience. We look for people who want to make a difference, who are passionate about caring for others, and who love what they do. Our mission is to empower well-being through comprehensive care and companionship. It isn’t enough for us to just take care of you. We exist to make sure everyone can continue to live a fulfilling and vibrant life - no matter the circumstances.

When you’re ready for some assistance at home, we will match you—the whole you (not just your condition)—to a caregiver who will meet your needs. Call us at 877-NH-CARES today.

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