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How We’re Different

Our care doesn’t start and stop with your caregiver’s schedule. Smart technology lets us care for you between caregiver visits. With technology as easy to use as a phone, New Horizons creates the best possible care and nonstop connection between clients, caregivers, medical teams, and families.

Care Conference with Arlene, NCM, Greg, RN & Client

Caring Technology That’s Always On Alert

Your New Horizons Care Team + a bit of thoughtful technology ensures:

You can stay at home easier and safer.

You are connected to the people you need and love 24/7.

Everyone gets peace of mind.

Voice-Activated Medical Alert

Emergency response smart speakers feature all the perks of Alexa, with the added benefit of direct connection to the world’s largest emergency dispatch center.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

We take care of you even when we aren’t there with easy remote monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, weight, and breathing.

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Virtual Family Room

This secure online portal connects clients, the New Horizons Care team, and family members so even those who are remote can be actively involved in their loved one’s care.

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On-Demand Ride Services

Whether you have to get to key medical appointments, need to run an errand, or want to visit friends, we help you get there.

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