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Tips to Help a Parent Accept Senior Home Care Services

Is your aging loved one struggling to accept the fact that he or she is in need of senior home care services? One of the greatest concerns we have as we grow older is the loss of control and the ability to live at home alone. As a result of this fear, it may be very challenging to ask for or to accept the help we truly need. If you're facing this challenge, All Care In-Home Care Solutions, providers of Ashland home care services, has some helpful tips to try:

  • Introduce the senior to the care provider before care begins to help develop a relationship so that the caregiver is not perceived as a stranger.
  • If the senior is fearful of having someone he or she isn't acquainted with in the home, consider having a family member present for the first few visits.
  • All Care can help with selecting a caregiver who shares a similar personality type and interests with the older person. This can make having a caregiver feel more like a companion.
  • Make home care appear more attractive by laying out the alternatives for the senior, like having to move away from home, moving into an assisted living facility, etc.
  • Make it about you. Let your loved one know that you know he or she is very self-sufficient, but having a caregiver in the home will help minimize your worries.
  • Start small with a demo run. Have the caregiver come in once a week for a few hours just to tackle some light housekeeping or laundry and then build up to more care once the older adult feels more comfortable.

All Care In-Home Care Solutions, the Ashland home care experts, can help you work through this complicated time with your older loved one and come up with the ideal care plan. Whether the senior's need is for just a couple of hours each week, full-time, around-the-clock care, or anything in between, we can help in a number of ways, such as:

  • Meal prep
  • Light housework and laundry
  • Errand-running
  • Accompanied transportation to appointments and outings
  • Personal care tasks
  • Specialized care for dementia and other chronic diseases
  • And a great deal more

We recognize how difficult it can be when older adults feel as if they’re giving up their freedom. View our full service area and contact us today at (541) 857-9195 to find out how our senior home care services and our exceptional caregivers can help you and the senior you love!

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