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Skilled Nursing

The Right Care At Every Step.

When your care needs require it, we have registered nurses to make sure you get the care you need at every step. We see you as a person beyond your condition and care for you, customizing every care plan to fit your needs, preferences, and home situation.

Greg, RN & Rex, Pediatric Client

Our registered nurses offer medical expertise when you need it.

Our nurses work with your caregiver.

Whether it’s dressing a wound after surgery, monitoring drips or special diets, dealing with catheters and other equipment, or assisting with prescribed therapies, our registered nurses bring specialized training and expertise along with the excellent care and constant kindness of all of our caregivers.

Our focus is your health.

Chronic conditions and special needs often require technical assistance. Whether it’s insulin injections, stents, catheters, or anything else, our skilled nurses will take care of you however you need it.

New Horizons has taken a great load off of our shoulders; especially mine. It has helped my health, and we always recommend them to others who need care.

Mary B.

New Horizons Client

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