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Housekeeping, Pet Care, and Home Maintenance

Home Is Where The Care Is.

People feel more like themselves at home. From doing dishes to maintaining a beloved rose garden, we understand what it means to take care of a home. Having a clean and well-maintained home is essential to keeping people well-cared for.

Madeleine, Caregiver & Sonny, Client

Making a house a home is part of what in-home care is all about.


Keeping your place clean and orderly makes it safer and more comfortable—it’s part of what makes it a home. We work with you to make sure your home is a healthy place that you and your family feel good about.

Pet Care

Pets are wonderful companions and can help reduce symptoms of depression and stress. We make sure every member of a household gets the care and attention they need so people are safe and healthy in their homes.

Home Maintenance

Making sure homes are in good working order ensures the people in them stay as safe and well cared for as possible. From keeping the plants happy and thriving, to performing home safety assessments, the upkeep of your house is part of how we care for you.

The caregiver I have is a jewel. The impact on my daily life has been very good.

Shirley C.

New Horizons Client

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