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Compassion Only Works with Passion.

At New Horizons, we put people first: our caregivers, our clients, and our partners. Our dedicated caregivers and skilled nursing staff provide comprehensive in-home care for seniors who want to continue living at home, adults with disabilities, and medically fragile children.

Arlene, Nurse Care Manager, & Sonny, Client

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Offering high-quality, personalized in-home care can address social determinants of health to improve health outcomes and achieve greater health equity. Just a few hours of in-home care a week can make the difference for some people, letting them stay in their homes, where they’re comfortable and enjoy a higher quality of life. It’s part of the reason we’re so passionate about care. It’s what’s right for people and for our community.

Our caring technology tools such as remote patient monitoring and voice-activated medical alert speakers give clients the independence they often want, their families the peace of mind they crave, and us the connection we need to provide the best round-the-clock care possible.

We work with a wide range of partners in our mission to create a better life for everyone through comprehensive care and companionship. You can count on us to answer the phone at 2 am, we can provide care at a moment’s notice, and we’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you need it.

Insurance Providers

Our dedicated caregivers are the most important part of our care, but it doesn’t stop when they go home. We offer caring technology, including remote patient monitoring and voice-activated medical alert speakers. Together, these technologies reduce the need for emergency room visits and hospitalizations, and they help keep people happier and healthier at home.

We also offer transportation for both our clients and our caregivers so clients can get to important appointments and caregivers can get to work. Closing those simple gaps improves the care we give.

Our commitment to care and health equity means that we’re also in a position to support rural or more isolated clients. We recruit caregivers where clients need them and provide back-up transportation when needed.

Hospice & Palliative Care

Our clients who require hospice and palliative care are overseen by a licensed nurse and hospice staff. We consider the client’s emotional, cultural, and spiritual needs during the end of life, and work with doctors and families to provide the best care possible including being available at a moment’s notice so you can always count on us.


With our large staff of trained caregivers and licensed nurses, we provide care for all kinds of people and all types of needs—from those with chronic conditions to people recovering from surgery, from medically fragile children to seniors with dementia.

Our use of caring technology such as remote patient monitoring and voice-activated medical alert speakers improves health outcomes, ensures a seamless transition back into the home and reduces emergency room visits and hospital readmissions.


We know good care can’t start and stop on a schedule. Our investment in caring technology tools such as remote patient monitoring, voice-activated medical alert speakers and telemedicine means we can stay connected even when we’re not there. That connection results in improved health outcomes and reduced hospital admissions, reducing stress for clients and their families.

We also work with our clients’ doctors to develop a care plan that meets all their needs and aims to optimize their health and happiness.

Home Health

Expertly-trained caregivers and nurses provide comprehensive care including medication management, wound care, and nursing support.

With caring technology, we can track a client’s vitals and intervene before they become critical, and let them contact us when they need help. Both of these connections can help avoid unnecessary emergency room visits, reduce hospital admissions, and lead to better health outcomes.


We understand that veterans often have specific care needs due to their military experience. We work alongside the VA to provide home care services to qualified veterans who are in need of care.

Because we take such care to match every client to their caregiver, we naturally match veterans to caregivers who know how to connect with veterans and provide them with the care that they deserve.

Check out the Care Blog to see why New Horizons is great for veterans.


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Comprehensive, individualized care for the person.

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