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Seniors Reap the Benefits of Technology in Healthcare

Today’s older adults are overrun with a surge of high-tech products aimed at elevating their independence and safety and providing life enhancement. With the touch of a button or two, we can instantly pay a visit “in person” with family and friends through Skype, wear a necklace that takes action with emergency help when necessary, and even remain safe from getting lost with specialized receptors attached to clothes or shoes.

The problem becomes how to motivate older individuals (and the family members who care for them) to switch from a low-tech mindset to making use of all that’s available to them, something that’s always top of mind for us at All Care In-Home Care Solutions. AARP reports that only 7% of family caregivers are currently using technology in their care, but that 71% are interested in technology that would make their caregiving tasks easier. Why is there such a huge gap between interest and usage of caregiving tech solutions?

There are several obstacles:

  • A perceived stigma. Some people see the use of specific technology, like medical alert jewelry, as equal to the loss of their self-reliance.
  • Help. Troubleshooting problems with technology leads many older adults and their caregivers to give up on attempting to get devices to work.
  • Lack of time. Finding time to learn and attempt something new is very problematic for busy families who care for their loved ones.

If you're willing to try and incorporate healthcare technology into senior caregiving but are experiencing any of these complications, call on All Care In-Home Care Solutions for assistance in senior care in Ashland and the surrounding areas. Our capable and patient caregivers can help conquer the technological obstructions by:

  • Making recommendations for technology that fits a loved one's personality and issues
  • Implementing and providing training on how to use the technology

Whether it is educating on how to enjoy software on a tablet device, or arranging for a personal medical alert system, our senior care in Ashland and surrounding areas can keep older adults connected to friends and family, helping them enjoy life to the fullest. See our full Oregon service area here and call us any time at (541) 857-9195 to learn more.

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