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HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT has become popular in the exercise world, as it is done faster, creates a schedule to follow, and the results are proven! HIIT historically has been used with bodybuilders and athletes who need the intense weight training combined with cardio. HIIT is much more effective than normal cardio because of the intensity of the workout being higher. High Intensity Interval Training also helps increase your anaerobic and aerobic endurance while burning more fat than ever. Anaerobic, means “without oxygen” which means that anaerobic exercise does not require oxygen to generate force. Movements in HIIT are fast which are short bursts of intense activity for the muscles which only last a brief duration of time (a few seconds to a minute). Anaerobic exercises include sprinting, high intensity weightlifting, and isometric holds. Aerobic means “involving or improving oxygen consumption by the body; enhancing circulatory and respiratory efficiency by improving how the body consumes oxygen. Aerobic exercise includes cycling, jogging, cardio, and running marathons. High Intensity Interval Training for seniors helps reverse the aging process as it improves protein synthesis; creating lean muscle mass, improved insulin sensitivity, and increased strength. Rather than seeking a plastic surgeon or an intense diet to alter your body, think a trainer at your local gym, or CrossFit to show you how to properly work out with this style. **It is NOT safe for you to try this at home on your own without the advice of a licensed medical professional. Contact us today to learn more about interval training for seniors from trusted providers of elder care Eugene, Oregon and the surrounding areas depend on.

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