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Make Your Business Senior-Friendly

With the Silver Tsunami (new term for baby boomers) , every business needs to evaluate whether or not their business is aging friendly. As we age there are some key changes that a person experiences which might prevent an older person from patronizing them. Here are the key areas. PARKING LOTS - are they close to the door. Free from cracks and ruts? Even walking surfaces. Can people sit to wait for a ride. SIGNAGE - Can a person with reduced movility and vision read the sign. Are they well lit and have color contrast. DOORS - Are doors easy to open? Do interior doors have levered handles? People with arthritis can open a door with a lever easier than a doorknob. STAIRWAYS - Are handrails easy to grab and do they provide enough support? Do they extend the full length of the stairway? Are the risers from the steps easily distinquished? Are there color stripes to divide the steps? Use only bright colors (yellow, turquoise, etc.) black and white are colors that would be difficult for someone with memory impairment? ELEVATOR - Does the elevator allow enough time for a person to enter? Are elevator buttons marked in large print and have good contrast? Does the elevator have a railing for people to hang on to? BUILDING INTERIOR - Interiors glare free? Lighting the same from one area to antother? Is the lighting adequate? Do chairs have firm seating with arm rests? Is the carpet low-pile? Is furniture arranged to be obstacle free? Are there constrasting colors to help visually impaired individuals? Is the room temperature comfortable? Is there minimal noise? Are there grab bars in the bathroom? READING AND WRITING MATERIALS - Are the reading and writing materials customized for older adults? Is the print large enough? Is there contrast between the color of the print and the paper? Are forms that are needed sent out in advance to be filled out? If you need more information, feel free to contact New Horizons In-Home Care at 1-877-687-8851 . We would be pleased to help assess your business to determine if it is aging friendly.

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