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Physical Exercising & Lowering the Risk of Disease

Exercising can help reduce the risk of disease in multiple ways. Performing physical exercise can help with stress, healthy weight control and more. Endorphin's, commonly called “happy hormones” are released when engaging in physical activity and help reduce our stress levels. Lowering Stress prevents the risk of disease because of the wear and tear stress gives your body. Exercising helps burn calories and unneeded fats that are unhealthy. Maintaining the correct weight and BMI for yourself can have a successful outcome of lowering your risk of disease and onset diabetes. The more oxygen available to our blood the richer the blood and greater the circulation; which then prevents circulatory diseases. When exercising we increase the oxygen levels in our body, creating healthy blood and circulation. For a healthier outcome it is recommended that an individual accompanies exercising with a healthy diet.

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