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The Stress of Taking Care of Aging Parents: Don't Let It Come Between You and Your Siblings

Taking Care of Aging ParentsAlthough we'd prefer to turn a blind eye to it, family friction is common in some form for most people, especially when it comes to taking care of aging parents. When stress levels are increased, it's normal to seek a target to serve as an outlet for some of those emotions; and sadly, that target is frequently those we've shared probably the most with over a lifetime: our brothers or sisters.

In the event that family dynamics are limiting your capability to work together in taking care of aging parents, these tips can help:

  • Communicate. Even though it sounds rudimentary, it really is worth emphasizing that effective communication is paramount to comprehending different positions and getting on the same page. Documenting important details, such as monetary options, your parents' desires, and who has agreed to give assistance with each aspect of caregiving is certainly a good plan.
  • Adapt. Share with one another what types of duties you're available to assist with, but understand that compromises may need to be made in order to ensure that all of the bases are covered. Recognize that sacrifices will most likely be needed from all individuals involved in caregiving, and collaborate to find a solution that is as fair as possible to each person.
  • Delegate. Realize that there is supplementary assistance available that will help families in keeping their elder loved ones safe and flourishing. Partnering with a qualified professional home care agency, such as All Care In-Home Care Solutions, provides families much-needed time to manage their own lives while knowing their loved ones are experiencing the very best possible care.

Thinking about as much in advance as possible prior to a care need appears is the key to minimizing family friction later. Obtain particulars on how your parents would wish to handle particular scenarios as they age. Would they desire to age in place at home, or move to an assisted living facility? If they would prefer to stay at home, what safety and accessibility alterations should be made? How would they prefer daily tasks to be handled when the need for support appears, such as with taking showers, getting dressed, maintaining the home, etc.?

At All Care In-Home Care Solutions of Oregon's Rogue Valley, we realize that challenging family dynamics are usually at their highest when facing caregiving needs for a senior loved one. Contact us at (541) 857-9195 to learn how we can help alleviate stress and supply the solutions to care that can restore peace to family members.

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