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Top 6 Ways a Professional In-Home Caregiver Can Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

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In our last blog post, we documented the benefits of selecting a professional in-home caregiver agency to provide the highest quality and safest level of Oregon home care services. But we often receive questions on precisely what type of caregiver services are accessible to help older individuals remain safe and thriving at home. If you’ve decided it’s time to search for in-home help for an elderly family member, there are a number of individualized Ashland home health care services available. These options can help you figure out the specific type of help your loved one requires:

Housekeeping: Household tasks can become difficult for seniors to manage. Housekeeping services performed on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, including things like vacuuming, doing dishes, laundry, changing beds, dusting, preparing meals, and more can alleviate stress and improve health and quality of life for older adults.

Companionship: In many cases, a senior who lives alone begins to feel isolated and is missing social interaction. Older individuals can benefit from having a companion caregiver for a few hours each day to interact in interesting activities together or merely to spend time with and share friendly conversation. Companionship care includes assistance for those who live alone, but also serves as a safety net for older adults who are confused or have memory loss, permitting family members to take a break and know their loved one is receiving the best care.

Personal Care: Discreet, respectful help is needed for many older adults to shower safely, use the toilet, and get dressed. Personal care services also offer help with eating, walking, transferring from bed to chair, and providing medication reminders.

Overnight Care: For seniors who awaken during the night, an overnight caregiver on hand can provide needed assistance with getting out of bed to use the toilet during the night, to provide conversation and comforting activities to help with falling back to sleep, and with specialized nighttime requirements for those with Alzheimer's disease who are experiencing the complications of sundowning.

Transportation: Accompanied transportation services are appropriate for older adults who no longer drive, providing the opportunity to get out and engage in activities, classes, and events in the community, shopping, medical appointments, visits with family and friends, etc.

Geriatric Care Management: Geriatric care management services offer extra assistance with ongoing residence management that falls outside of the services of a direct care provider, such as transferring into an alternate living arrangement and the closing up of a household.

With an in-home care consultation, offered at no charge, the care team at All Care can help you determine what home care services will best benefit your older loved one in Ashland and the surrounding area, helping him or her to remain in the comfort of home safely with as little or as much support as needed. Contact us at (541) 857-9195 to learn more about our services and how your loved one can realized a better quality of life with the help of a highly skilled, trained, experienced in-home caregiver.

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