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Why a High Quality Home Care Agency Is the Best Choice for Southern Oregon Senior Care

Southern Oregon senior careWhen an older adult needs in-home care services, there are various available possibilities, and deciding where to turn can be intimidating. For instance, should you work with a professional southern Oregon senior care agency, an independently hired caregiver, or utilize a caregiving registry? And how can you determine which home care choice is optimal for your loved one’s distinct requirements? There are advantages and disadvantages with most choices, but when it comes to quality home care, the answer is clear: hiring a professional Southern Oregon senior care agency like All Care is the ideal choice for a number of reasons:

You don't need to search for a safe, knowledgeable caregiver. A trusted senior care agency not only checks references and performs meticulous background and driving record checks, but also takes care of finding the perfect caregiver match for each individual, considering personality, hobbies and common interests as well as required schedule and geographic location.

Professional home care agency caregivers are well trained, experienced, and monitored. An in-home care agency normally provides continuing caregiver training as well as introductory orientations. Regular supervision also confirms that any required changes or additional assistance needs can be revealed and taken care of.

Tax obligations are the responsibility of the agency – not you. If someone works with a home caregiver through a registry or independent hire (such as through responding to a classified ad), the client is liable for all of the caregiver’s required taxes (a fact that many do not realize). However, because all caregivers from a high quality home care agency are employees of that agency, all payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, liability insurance, and more are paid for by the agency.

Caregiver sickness and vacation time off are taken care of. It’s unavoidable that at some time each one of us, including caregivers, will become sick or need time off for a vacation or to deal with other personal needs. A professional home care agency will arrange for a backup caregiver whenever a senior’s primary caregiver is ill or on vacation. Furthermore, an agency takes care of all staff disciplinary actions, to address and correct circumstances like showing up late to work.

Leave the supervision to the agency. A high quality home care agency supervises all caregivers by a qualified individual. With a privately hired caregiver or one secured through a registry, there is no care oversight, opening a client up to the potential for financial, emotional or physical abuse.

We understand that, even when choosing a highly qualified senior care agency in Oregon, your family has choices from which to choose. At All Care, we believe our Southern Oregon senior care services are the best available, due to the high quality of our management, the training we provide our caregivers, and our skilled caregivers themselves. We would love to talk with you to answer any questions you may have about our home care services, to supply you with some resources related to your loved one’s needs, or to arrange for a free in-home meeting. Contact us any time at (541) 857-9195.

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